Petition: Don't Repeal Hayden
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Governor Brown: Do not start the killing again!

I OPPOSE the proposed repeal of any portion of The Hayden Law - the only legal protection shelter animals have to provide minimal medical care when impounded and to allow for an extended stay for possible adoption/redemption over prior antiquated statutes. Animals will die again in mass numbers when the real solution is spay/neuter. Thank you for your consideration of life over death for those that cannot speak for themselves.

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Goal: 25,000 Nationwide signatures
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Two Tiger Kittens in a Shelter
Dog in Shelter
California's impounded animals are in extreme danger! Governor Brown and our political representatives may repeal The Hayden Law at any time due to budget cuts. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN OR THE KILLING AND SUFFERING COULD INCREASE GREATLY!

Stray Cat Alliance supports the attached petition, as 70-90% of all impounded cats do not leave California shelters alive. The percentage for dogs is extremely high as well. The Hayden Law was innovative and groundbreaking, but of course it did not do near enough to protect impounded animals to give them a better chance at life. YOU can help save their lives with your signature and also by contacting Governor Brown's office and your representatives to tell them your views. Please be polite and state facts!

Dear Animal Lover,

I sought legal counsel from a renowned animal advocate attorney to confirm in fact that The Hayden Law was in danger. They stated:

"YES, Governor Jerry Brown WILL be seeking repeal of those provisions of The Hayden Law found to be "reimbursable state mandates."

See provisions of the Hayden Law which are at risk.

Governor Brown is seeking to repeal ALL of the provisions of The Hayden Law that the Commission on Mandates ruled to be "reimbursable state mandates" For reference see and the 2006 Adoption of Parameters and Guidelines

This is URGENT. Change can happen at any time. Please sign this petition and then call and send letters/faxes, as we would like to show Governor Brown that we stand for the animals who cannot speak for themselves. We are seeking 10,000 signatures as an initial petition, then if necessary will continue to send him more.

I will fly to Sacramento with this petition and personally deliver it to the Governor and appropriate representatives - but YOU must take the next step!

Please do your part and sign this petition, then forward to everyone you know far and wide. Ask them to protect innocent animals who for no fault of their own, landed in the California "animal shelter" system. The Hayden Law is just minimal protection for these animals and currently is the only protection they have to provide needed medical care and an extended stay at the shelters to allow their owners to redeem or to facilitate an adoption.


Click here for sample letters and the steps to take to contact the Governor with talking points.

Contact Governor Jerry Brown, and tell him you OPPOSE the repeal of any portion of The Hayden Law. At a time when other states in the U.S. are enacting legislation to advance the protection of animals in shelters, California should not be stepping backwards.

Click here to find your representatives and tell them how you feel about The Hayden Law.

Californians favor life over death, and thus the adoption, rather than killing, of shelter animals. Thank you for your compassion.

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Christi Metropole


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Caro A. Because this BTCH threw the first stone and all Buddy did was to defense himself and got back at her! Feb. 17th, 2014 6am
Patricia Lewis Madera CA Feb. 17th, 2014 2am
nicole celmer hes an animal. bottom line. they defend themselves. she deserves to die. Feb. 16th, 2014 8pm
Name not displayed Kent WA All we saw was 1 instance of human antagonism toward Buddy the cat. There was a disregard for his boundaries and expectation of safety and many living beings will lash out when pushed into a corner by a perceived attack.May Buddy Rest In Peace - he clearly did not get any from his owner. Feb. 16th, 2014 8pm
NEILA WOOD Carlisle KY Because the cat was defending himself from his SIC POS owner--it is a damn shame that this cat died because of a bunch of uncaring humans that did not give him a chance--KILLING SOB's! Feb. 16th, 2014 3pm
Tina Holt Bassett VA He was only protecting himself from someone who supposedly was suppose to care about him...he was probably confused, hurt and scared that his "owner" would treat him like this. Feb. 16th, 2014 1pm
Leonilde Carvalho Tires He Was constantly kicked till he was cornered Feb. 16th, 2014 12pm
Maria Dischiavo TX There were endless options at the disposal of the despicable humans who killed Buddy. They chose the most inhumane and unnecessary path simply because they are ignorant about, or do not like, cats/stray animals. BUDDY DID NOT DESERVE TO DIE. Buddy felt threatened and reacted the same way ANY living being would when backed into a corner. The double standards here (cats vs other animals like pet dogs) are atrocious. People need to be EDUCATED and kind. This earth does not belong solely to humans; it belongs to all living beings. The sooner humans realize that all living beings have value, the sooner we can progress as a society in the right direction. Feb. 15th, 2014 11pm
Name not displayed No living creature should be put down for defending itself. This lady should also be banned from all shelters. Feb. 15th, 2014 8pm
Bonni A Brandon FL He was attacked first! He was treated cruelly and frightened! Feb. 15th, 2014 4pm
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